Miso, gochujang, and eggs, oh my!

Fans of the blog will remember that a few weeks ago, I tried ramen noodles for the first time. Eating them with seared steak and a delicious sauce was a big success that I’ve already repeated. Trying instant ramen swimming in broth was not as successful. But everyone who reached out after that blog excitedlyContinue reading “Miso, gochujang, and eggs, oh my!”

Channeling college with ramen

Jump to recipe I recently turned 28 years old, but I’m going with 24 instead because I like the sound of that better. I know everyone older than 30 will read that and laugh—I can just hear my New Yorker relatives now, telling me to just wait until I’m their age—but I will not acceptContinue reading “Channeling college with ramen”