Farro: Am I a healthy eater now?

Jump to recipe It may not be a coincidence that as I embark on a foodie journey, the majority of the foods I’ve yet to try are pretty healthy. I have eaten like trash for most of my life, after all. One surprising fact about my eating habits, though, is that white rice has alwaysContinue reading “Farro: Am I a healthy eater now?”

We’re talkin shiit(ake) tonight

It may not be shocking to hear that I’ve enjoyed chicken marsala many times before, but it certainly won’t be shocking to hear that I’ve always picked around the mushrooms. Picky eaters don’t eat dinner without flicking something off the plate, after all. But I decided tonight would be different. That’s why I made NYTContinue reading “We’re talkin shiit(ake) tonight”

Shichimi Togarashi: The Japanese spice that makes green peppers good

A couple months ago, I was at a friend’s house enjoying grilled shishito peppers for the first time. Charred and extra salty, the peppers had just a slight heat and were the perfect, poppable side to burgers. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to remake that side but have yet to come across shishito peppers inContinue reading “Shichimi Togarashi: The Japanese spice that makes green peppers good”