Finding fennel’s flavor

Each week, I browse my many recipe reservoirs for that week’s dinner inspiration—Pinterest, Half Baked Harvest, cookbooks, you get the idea. Knowing that I’d have a short work and cooking week (hi, vacation!), I panicked when I realized I didn’t have a plan for the blog. Luckily, NYT Cooking, easily my most “adventurous” recipe reservoir,Continue reading “Finding fennel’s flavor”

Tzatziki? More like tzatz-icky!

As I alluded to last week, this week brings my four-part “Dips and Spreads” series to a close. To recap, thus far, I tried tahini, labneh, and hummus, all with relative success! Given that I never used to think I’d like Mediterranean food (I used to hate feta and refused to try any dips forContinue reading “Tzatziki? More like tzatz-icky!”

The hummus that tried to kill me (maybe)

It’s time for part 3 of my 4-week “dips” series! If you’re not caught up, I tried tahini in part 1 and labneh in part 2, both with relative success, which means the dips series lives on! For this week, hummus was a natural next dish to try. Several people had suggested it, particularly sinceContinue reading “The hummus that tried to kill me (maybe)”

Spreading the love with labneh

After trying tahini last week, I decided I’ll do a little miniseries on different dips and spreads. (This obviously would not be the case if I didn’t like the tahini, but since it was successful, I had the courage to move forward with more dips). So this week I gave labneh a try. It’s basicallyContinue reading “Spreading the love with labneh”

You halva to try tahini

Tahini is one of those ingredients that food bloggers have been drooling over for the last few years even though I’ve never actually seen anyone eat it in real life. When I first heard of it, I thought, “sure, I like sesame seeds, but do I really need to be able to spread them onContinue reading “You halva to try tahini”

Katsu sandos: Cabbage and oysters and pork, oh my!

Flipping through my copy of Not Your Mother’s Cookbook by Donny Enriquez, I quickly earmarked the recipe for katsu sandos, a Japanese sandwich made from fried pork, cabbage, and tonkatsu sauce. That was really weird of me seeing as I’ve never eaten pork cutlets, cabbage, or tonkatsu sauce. But in the spirit of the blogContinue reading “Katsu sandos: Cabbage and oysters and pork, oh my!”

My half-Irish soda bread

My go-to St. Patrick’s Day tradition is enjoying a boatload of Guinness while listening to live Irish music at the Black Rose in downtown Boston. No matter how crowded we know it’s going to be or how high the cover charge might be on that day, we always find our way there, clapping along toContinue reading “My half-Irish soda bread”

RECIPE: How a 4-course meal inspired a PB&J parfait

Jump to recipe After many months of eating only what I felt like cooking in my kitchen and whatever UberEats would deliver to me, I was very excited when my parents invited my boyfriend and me to a fancy outdoor brunch in Connecticut. And when I say fancy, I mean a prix fixe menu inContinue reading “RECIPE: How a 4-course meal inspired a PB&J parfait”

Getting into everything

A few weeks ago, I recounted my childhood trauma with poppy seeds and how I overcame that hardship and enjoyed my first-ever everything Jersey bagel. Since it was such a success, I promised that I’d pick up some everything bagel seasoning and update everyone on how I liked it. It’s been about a week, andContinue reading “Getting into everything”