Tomato confit on everything

You can bet you’ve seen this picky eater enjoy plenty of pizzas, some chicken parm, and chips with salsa in her day. But despite my addiction to acid reflux flare-ups, I’ve never been a fresh tomato gal. If you follow a lot of food bloggers, you know that they drool over the summer tomato season.Continue reading “Tomato confit on everything”

Accepting that I might like salami

A couple weeks ago, in preparation for my forthcoming visit, a friend of mine texted me asking, “You eat Italian combo sandwiches?” to which I replied “Sure.” It was the perfect, innocent response that showed no signs of my intense hatred of pepperoni and other salamis and, instead, permitted me to still be the low-maintenanceContinue reading “Accepting that I might like salami”

Spicing things up with Calabrian chiles

Back before the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen’s YouTube channel came to an abrupt halt (RIP BA Test Kitchen videos), I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time watching fan favorites like Brad, Carla, and Chris cook. When you binge hours’ worth of YouTube videos at once, you start to notice a theme among theContinue reading “Spicing things up with Calabrian chiles”