Hallelujah, acorn squash is good (with RECIPE)

Jump to recipe A couple weeks ago, after decidedly NOT liking delicata, I promised that I’d give winter squash one last try with acorn squash, the squat, plump cousin of ol’ butternut. Given that it’s taken me a couple weeks to write my follow-up blog, it’s fair to say I dragged my feet on tryingContinue reading “Hallelujah, acorn squash is good (with RECIPE)”

Delicata squash: Save sweets for the dessert table

Some of you may remember that around this time last year, I tried my first butternut squash. Actually, I tried my first three. And it didn’t go great, to say the least. (You’ll have to refer back to see just how “not great” it went.) But since my unfortunate experience with butternut squash had muchContinue reading “Delicata squash: Save sweets for the dessert table”

Granola that doesn’t suck!

Any time I’ve ever eaten a granola bar that I liked, it was filled with artificial sweeteners and chocolate, which kind of defeats the purpose of eating granola. But then again every recipe for healthy granola I’ve ever seen is centered around cranberries, raisins, dates, or other dried fruits, all of which are a hardContinue reading “Granola that doesn’t suck!”

Maybe next time, leeks

This post is going to be a short one because, frankly, I don’t have that much to say about my side of braised leeks from last night. First impression: leeks aren’t fennel. I accidentally put fennel in my grocery cart at first before finding what leeks actually look like. Second impression: leeks are weird. They’reContinue reading “Maybe next time, leeks”

Farro: Am I a healthy eater now?

Jump to recipe It may not be a coincidence that as I embark on a foodie journey, the majority of the foods I’ve yet to try are pretty healthy. I have eaten like trash for most of my life, after all. One surprising fact about my eating habits, though, is that white rice has alwaysContinue reading “Farro: Am I a healthy eater now?”