RECIPE: How a 4-course meal inspired a PB&J parfait

Jump to recipe After many months of eating only what I felt like cooking in my kitchen and whatever UberEats would deliver to me, I was very excited when my parents invited my boyfriend and me to a fancy outdoor brunch in Connecticut. And when I say fancy, I mean a prix fixe menu inContinue reading “RECIPE: How a 4-course meal inspired a PB&J parfait”

Granola that doesn’t suck!

Any time I’ve ever eaten a granola bar that I liked, it was filled with artificial sweeteners and chocolate, which kind of defeats the purpose of eating granola. But then again every recipe for healthy granola I’ve ever seen is centered around cranberries, raisins, dates, or other dried fruits, all of which are a hardContinue reading “Granola that doesn’t suck!”