Granola that doesn’t suck!

Any time I’ve ever eaten a granola bar that I liked, it was filled with artificial sweeteners and chocolate, which kind of defeats the purpose of eating granola. But then again every recipe for healthy granola I’ve ever seen is centered around cranberries, raisins, dates, or other dried fruits, all of which are a hardContinue reading “Granola that doesn’t suck!”

Maybe next time, leeks

This post is going to be a short one because, frankly, I don’t have that much to say about my side of braised leeks from last night. First impression: leeks aren’t fennel. I accidentally put fennel in my grocery cart at first before finding what leeks actually look like. Second impression: leeks are weird. They’reContinue reading “Maybe next time, leeks”

I sure put that onion in a pickle!

Pickling things that aren’t cucumbers has been a culinary trend ever since adding a fried egg to every burger, pizza, and ramen bowl became passé. But I’m old school and never believed in pickling unless it came from a jar labelled “Bread and Butter” with a big stork staring at me. This week, I facedContinue reading “I sure put that onion in a pickle!”

Cooking take-out at home: Mongolian beef

This Christmas, I was gifted several new cookbooks, which I’ve been reading and bookmarking every night (expect lots of blog inspiration from these in the coming months!). The first recipe that caught my eye enough to try right away was Mongolian beef from Donny Enriquez’s Not Your Mother’s Cookbook. In the book, he explains howContinue reading “Cooking take-out at home: Mongolian beef”

Channeling college with ramen

Jump to recipe I recently turned 28 years old, but I’m going with 24 instead because I like the sound of that better. I know everyone older than 30 will read that and laugh—I can just hear my New Yorker relatives now, telling me to just wait until I’m their age—but I will not acceptContinue reading “Channeling college with ramen”

Børk de floogen: Swedish meatballs

As a kid (and still as an adult), my mom and I would take the occasional trip to northern New Jersey to spend the day at our local IKEA. I loved opening and closing all the kitchen drawers (no slam!) and checking out all the kid bedroom setups. We’d usually leave with a giant cartContinue reading “Børk de floogen: Swedish meatballs”

What the funk is ‘nduja?

A couple months ago, when I tried Calabrian chiles for the first time, I was inspired by the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen staff’s obsession with these particular flavor bombs. So when Bon Appetit’s Facebook account reposted an old article about Molly Baz’s love for ‘nduja (not to mention an even older article written by ChrisContinue reading “What the funk is ‘nduja?”

Dumplings: From wishful thinking to weeknight dinner

Each week, I scroll through my many recipe repositories to figure out the following week’s dinner plans: Pinterest, NYT Cooking, Food52, cookbooks, and Instagram. It’s my way of coping with the Sunday scaries. This blog has meant that in addition to finding dinner recipes that don’t leave us in a food rut, I also needContinue reading “Dumplings: From wishful thinking to weeknight dinner”

Butternut be butternut squash

Last weekend, my dear mama came to visit me in Massachusetts. Given the ongoing pandemic and the grim weather forecast, we decided spending the day redecorating my apartment and trying new recipes was the best game plan. Outfitted with a new area rug, a delightful wooden whale for my bedroom wall (his name TBD), andContinue reading “Butternut be butternut squash”

Jerk chicken puns are too tasteless for this blog post

If you’ve perused the original Picky Eater files, you know that bland food is my jam. Roasted potatoes, fried chicken tenders, buttered toast. The browner the food, the better, and Heaven forbid a flavor be too assertive. But wanting to be a better cook means that I’m (slowly) learning to appreciate bolder flavors and howContinue reading “Jerk chicken puns are too tasteless for this blog post”