Figuring out what Chinese five spice tastes like

Another week, another new dinner recipe. Growing up on mainly Italian and pub food, I’ve been on a bit of an Asian kick lately, trying ingredients I had never bought before. I kept that trend going this week with Creme de la Crumb’s Korean BBQ Chicken, which introduced a new spice to my pantry: ChineseContinue reading “Figuring out what Chinese five spice tastes like”

Cooking take-out at home: Mongolian beef

This Christmas, I was gifted several new cookbooks, which I’ve been reading and bookmarking every night (expect lots of blog inspiration from these in the coming months!). The first recipe that caught my eye enough to try right away was Mongolian beef from Donny Enriquez’s Not Your Mother’s Cookbook. In the book, he explains howContinue reading “Cooking take-out at home: Mongolian beef”