Tzatziki? More like tzatz-icky!

As I alluded to last week, this week brings my four-part “Dips and Spreads” series to a close. To recap, thus far, I tried tahini, labneh, and hummus, all with relative success! Given that I never used to think I’d like Mediterranean food (I used to hate feta and refused to try any dips forContinue reading “Tzatziki? More like tzatz-icky!”

This cheese is not the GOAT

Around the corner from my apartment is a lovely little shop called The Wine and Cheese Cask. Stocked with wine I don’t drink and cheese I don’t eat, I appreciate its diverse offerings while limiting my purchases to Sam Adams and prosecco. Like any non-psychopath out there, I love mozzarella, parmesan, and mild cheddar cheese.Continue reading “This cheese is not the GOAT”

Butternut be butternut squash

Last weekend, my dear mama came to visit me in Massachusetts. Given the ongoing pandemic and the grim weather forecast, we decided spending the day redecorating my apartment and trying new recipes was the best game plan. Outfitted with a new area rug, a delightful wooden whale for my bedroom wall (his name TBD), andContinue reading “Butternut be butternut squash”

Haddock: The potato of the sea

Give me a bowl of soft, stewed potatoes, and I’ll eagerly dig in. Add diced bacon to that bowl, and I might not even use silverware. Throw some haddock in there as well, and my enthusiasm will unceremoniously disappear. This was the sad song and dance I did with myself (the bacon actually got addedContinue reading “Haddock: The potato of the sea”