Adding pork to the menu

Last week, I signed up for Caroline Chambers’ What to Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking newsletter. So naturally I looked nowhere else for this week’s dinners. It was a Caroline-filled week! The first two dinners were new recipes to me, but all the ingredients were old, familiar friends—a pickle-brined chicken sandwich and sesameContinue reading “Adding pork to the menu”

Finding fennel’s flavor

Each week, I browse my many recipe reservoirs for that week’s dinner inspiration—Pinterest, Half Baked Harvest, cookbooks, you get the idea. Knowing that I’d have a short work and cooking week (hi, vacation!), I panicked when I realized I didn’t have a plan for the blog. Luckily, NYT Cooking, easily my most “adventurous” recipe reservoir,Continue reading “Finding fennel’s flavor”

Conquering quinoa

I once was at someone’s house when they were kind enough to grill some hamburgers, put out a bowl of chips, and make a quick salad for lunch. Lucky for me, this was just in the last couple years, so I actually liked burgers (curse me for not blogging about my first burger a coupleContinue reading “Conquering quinoa”


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