Getting into everything

A few weeks ago, I recounted my childhood trauma with poppy seeds and how I overcame that hardship and enjoyed my first-ever everything Jersey bagel. Since it was such a success, I promised that I’d pick up some everything bagel seasoning and update everyone on how I liked it. It’s been about a week, andContinue reading “Getting into everything”

PSA: IPAs are not for brats

Since receiving this cookbook for Christmas, I’ve had my eye on a beer-poached brats recipe from Donny Enriquez’s Not Your Mother’s Cookbook. I make Italian sausage and peppers all the time, but I had never tried simmering sausages in beer before. The photo in the cookbook promised jammy peppers and onions and a quick searContinue reading “PSA: IPAs are not for brats”

Figuring out what Chinese five spice tastes like

Another week, another new dinner recipe. Growing up on mainly Italian and pub food, I’ve been on a bit of an Asian kick lately, trying ingredients I had never bought before. I kept that trend going this week with Creme de la Crumb’s Korean BBQ Chicken, which introduced a new spice to my pantry: ChineseContinue reading “Figuring out what Chinese five spice tastes like”

Miso, gochujang, and eggs, oh my!

Fans of the blog will remember that a few weeks ago, I tried ramen noodles for the first time. Eating them with seared steak and a delicious sauce was a big success that I’ve already repeated. Trying instant ramen swimming in broth was not as successful. But everyone who reached out after that blog excitedlyContinue reading “Miso, gochujang, and eggs, oh my!”

Bagel, you are my everything

Without fail, every time I go home to New Jersey to see my family, I can’t leave without enjoying a New Jersey bagel for breakfast (I don’t care what my ignorant boyfriend says—Jersey bagels are, in fact, that good). Growing up, my usual was always a sesame bagel with butter and red raspberry jam. Now,Continue reading “Bagel, you are my everything”

Granola that doesn’t suck!

Any time I’ve ever eaten a granola bar that I liked, it was filled with artificial sweeteners and chocolate, which kind of defeats the purpose of eating granola. But then again every recipe for healthy granola I’ve ever seen is centered around cranberries, raisins, dates, or other dried fruits, all of which are a hardContinue reading “Granola that doesn’t suck!”

Maybe next time, leeks

This post is going to be a short one because, frankly, I don’t have that much to say about my side of braised leeks from last night. First impression: leeks aren’t fennel. I accidentally put fennel in my grocery cart at first before finding what leeks actually look like. Second impression: leeks are weird. They’reContinue reading “Maybe next time, leeks”

I sure put that onion in a pickle!

Pickling things that aren’t cucumbers has been a culinary trend ever since adding a fried egg to every burger, pizza, and ramen bowl became passé. But I’m old school and never believed in pickling unless it came from a jar labelled “Bread and Butter” with a big stork staring at me. This week, I facedContinue reading “I sure put that onion in a pickle!”

Cooking take-out at home: Mongolian beef

This Christmas, I was gifted several new cookbooks, which I’ve been reading and bookmarking every night (expect lots of blog inspiration from these in the coming months!). The first recipe that caught my eye enough to try right away was Mongolian beef from Donny Enriquez’s Not Your Mother’s Cookbook. In the book, he explains howContinue reading “Cooking take-out at home: Mongolian beef”

Picky Eater: Christmas cookie edition

Anyone who’s attended a family holiday party with me knows that my go-to contribution is a platter of chocolate chip cookies—the bigger the better. 2020 may be the biggest collective let-down in recent history, but it couldn’t stop me from baking nearly 100 cookies leading up to Christmas. But this time, I added in aContinue reading “Picky Eater: Christmas cookie edition”