Tomato confit on everything

You can bet you’ve seen this picky eater enjoy plenty of pizzas, some chicken parm, and chips with salsa in her day. But despite my addiction to acid reflux flare-ups, I’ve never been a fresh tomato gal. If you follow a lot of food bloggers, you know that they drool over the summer tomato season.Continue reading “Tomato confit on everything”

Eating humble (blueberry) pie

A few weeks ago, I declared in no uncertain terms that I do NOT like blueberries. Well my dear second-mother, Mama Lina, laughed in that declaration’s face and excitedly shoved a slice of blueberry pie in front of me at a party last week! I was very unenthused about trying this given my last experienceContinue reading “Eating humble (blueberry) pie”

Pardon my French macarons

Well I guess I have some ‘splaining to do. I kind of took an unintentional summer vacation from the blog. The truth is the week after I tried blueberries, I intended to keep my in-season produce train rolling by blogging about apricots. The problem was that I tried apricots and found them spectacularly mediocre. TheyContinue reading “Pardon my French macarons”

The great garlic scape of 2021

While perusing Instagram for the 72nd straight minute the other day, I came across a post by The Kitchn illustrating what produce is in season right now. And out of the 8 items drawn, I’ve only eaten 4 of them! So this week, I started making my way down the list by trying what IContinue reading “The great garlic scape of 2021”

Adding pork to the menu

Last week, I signed up for Caroline Chambers’ What to Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking newsletter. So naturally I looked nowhere else for this week’s dinners. It was a Caroline-filled week! The first two dinners were new recipes to me, but all the ingredients were old, familiar friends—a pickle-brined chicken sandwich and sesameContinue reading “Adding pork to the menu”

Accepting that I might like salami

A couple weeks ago, in preparation for my forthcoming visit, a friend of mine texted me asking, “You eat Italian combo sandwiches?” to which I replied “Sure.” It was the perfect, innocent response that showed no signs of my intense hatred of pepperoni and other salamis and, instead, permitted me to still be the low-maintenanceContinue reading “Accepting that I might like salami”

Jambalaya, pants on fire!

Hello, friends! After a brief encounter with the fearsome pollen gods, I’m happy to be back to cooking and nose-breathing this week! And not a moment too soon because just before my untimely allergy demise, I had received not one but TWO new cookbooks to dive into! So it only seemed appropriate to make myContinue reading “Jambalaya, pants on fire!”

Finding fennel’s flavor

Each week, I browse my many recipe reservoirs for that week’s dinner inspiration—Pinterest, Half Baked Harvest, cookbooks, you get the idea. Knowing that I’d have a short work and cooking week (hi, vacation!), I panicked when I realized I didn’t have a plan for the blog. Luckily, NYT Cooking, easily my most “adventurous” recipe reservoir,Continue reading “Finding fennel’s flavor”