I’ll try it…

Watch me try new foods as adventurous as sushi and as plain as pie!

I’ll like it…

Maybe I’ll like them and add them to my repertoire of recipes and restaurant orders.

Or I’ll spit it out.

Or I’ll just violently spit them out, gag, and demand a chocolate milkshake in their stead! We’ll see!

About the Picky Eater

My name’s Bethy St. John, and I’ve been flicking tomatoes, beans, and other unwanted accompaniments off my foods for nearly 3 decades now. But between my love for cooking and my disdain for being the picky one at restaurants and dinner parties, it’s time I add some new ingredients to my pantry. Join me as I open my mind and mouth to foods you may or may not have tried as a toddler, learn some new recipes with me, and don’t be surprised if I spit a few things out along the way. 

Got a food that I have to try?

I’m always looking for suggestions for new ingredients, recipes, or menu items! Let me know here.